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First published in 1981, The Main Street WIRE is Roosevelt Island's community newspaper.  Operated privately, and independent of both the New York State public-benefit operating corporation that runs Roosevelt Island (RIOC) and the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA), The WIRE is published every two weeks and with reduced frequency in July and August.   Click here and then on the current year for a schedule of issues.

The WIRE is delivered to every apartment door on the Island, with copies also available at many Island merchants.  (The name WIRE is an acronym for the first four residential high-rises built on Roosevelt Island: Westview, Island House, Rivercross, and Eastwood.)

Email bulletins have largely replaced EXTRA editions of The WIRE.   They are originated when news developments warrant. (Subscribe by sending an AddMe message to

The WIRE is operated by volunteers and is always recruiting new participants.  Call Dick Lutz at 212 826-9056 to find out about joining the staff in positions ranging from photography and reporting through editing and distribution.

ADVERTISING:   Open to both on-Island and off-Island businesses and organizations and available in two forms within the pages of The WIRE and as an insert.   Click here or call Ellen Levy at 917 587-3278 for more information on advertising with The WIRE.   (Classified ad space is also available for making announcements, buying or selling items, offering services, or sending congratulatory messages.)

SUBSCRIPTIONS: The WIRE does not actively solicit off-Island subscriptions, but will mail issues as a courtesy at $65 per year to cover the cost of postage and materials.  Please send a check payable to The WIRE to:
The Main Street WIRE
531 Main Street #413
New York, NY 10044

Website NYC10044:   Since 1996, The WIRE has been associated with this website, which carries WIRE archives, occasional advance reports being prepared for coming issues, and supplementary materials such as meeting transcripts, color photos of Island events, or lengthy documents related to Island news.  Click here for a list of back issues available on the website, or here for the current issue.

For additional information, call 212 826-9056, or email


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