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The Main Street WIRE is Roosevelt Island's independent community newspaper.   Operated privately, and independent of both the State public-benefit corporation that runs Roosevelt Island (RIOC) and the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA), it is currently
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published every two weeks September through June, with occasional schedule variations and with reduced frequency in July and August.  At times, unscheduled EXTRA editions have been published as news developments warrant but, increasingly, supplementary e-mail bulletins are used instead (to subscribe, send an "AddMe" message to

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For 1981 through mid-1996, only a listing of issues with main headlines is available.  There are no links to those issues.  In addition, many are missing, and The WIRE seeks help in locating copies of those issues for its archives and to complete library sets.   In addition, The WIRE seeks volunteer help in scanning those issues (nearly 1000 pages) to TIF or PDF form (11x17" scanner required).

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Key stories
11.01.9617:01 XBad Budget News; Rivercross Considers Privatization
12.14.9617:02 Purge at RIOC; RIRA After Election

01.31.9717:03 Governor Asks $0 for RI; Blue Plans Tram Cut
04.14.9717:04 Chase Bank May Leave
03.27.9717:05 XTown Meeting on Island Problems; Restaurant Plans
05.02.9717:06 XGrannis Tells Blue to Open Up; RIRA Drive Against RIOC
05.??.9717:07 X(issue missing)
06.14.9717:08 XBlue's Plan to Cut Tram; Southpoint Property in Play
07.04.9717:09 XAnger at RIOC; Moves on Church, Public Purpose Funds
09.06.9717:10 XWillard Warren Off RIOC Board; RIOC and RIRA Take Polls on Tram
09.20.9717:11 XMany Questions, Few Answers, at RIOC Evening Meeting
10.04.9717:12 Grannis Asks Mayor to Fill Slots on RIOC Board; MTG Starts [18:01]
10.18.9718:02 RIRA Considers Move Against Southtown in Fighting Blue
10.20.9718:2a EXTRA:  RIRA Plans Demonstration for Democracy
10.21.9718:2b EXTRA:  Residents Vent in Planning Session
10.23.9718:2c EXTRA:  Grannis & Miller to Join Demonstration
10.24.9718:2d XEXTRA:  Maloney Joins; Grievance List [issue unavailable]
10.25.9718:2e EXTRA:  Islanders Meet With Deputy Mayor
10.27.9718:2y EXTRA:  Demonstration Today; Residents Demand Choice
11.01.9718:03 XDemonstration for Resident Voice in Island Government
11.15.9718:04 XMTG's Draft of Legislation to Revise Island Management
11.22.9718:05 XEXTRA:  RIOC Briefs Potential Southpoint Owner's Reps
12.20.9718:06 Lynch Meets With Resident Trio

01.10.9818:07 RIRA Considers Assaults on RIOC, NYS, MTA
01.24.9818:08 RIRA Plans Emergency Town Meeting on Transit
02.04.9818:09 EXTRA:  Tram accident
02.07.9818:10 Town Meeting Asks Blue Ouster & Transit
02.09.9818:11 EXTRA:  Tram is Back; Subway Cuts Scheduled
02.21.9818:12 Blue Presents Break-Even Budget; Subway Cut Starts
03.07.9818:13 Beacon Grant; RIRA Wants Shared PSD Oversight; Helicopters
03.21.9818:14 Lynch Apology to Residents; Southtown Build to Take 5 Years
04.04.9818:15 Merchants Pinched by Gristede's; End of Tram Tokens
04.18.9818:16 Eldercare Facility Planned for Octagon Area
05.02.9818:17 Eldercare Praised But Location Takes Heat
05.16.9818:18 RIOC Stalls on Octagon Park for Eldercare
05.30.9818:19 Luxury Hotel Proposed for Southpoint
06.13.9818:20 RIOC Avoids Southpoint Vote; Library Now NYPL Branch
07.04.9818:21 Still No MetroCard for Tramway; Al Lewis Runs for Governor
07.25.9818:22 Grannis Bill for Home Rule; Norwood Leaves Public Safety
08.15.9818:23 Octagon Park Out for Eldercare; RIHS on Blackwell House
08.29.9818:24 Vass Quits RIOC Board, Slams Blue
09.12.9819:01 MTG Plans Drive for Democracy
09.26.9819:02 Self-Governance on RIRA Ballot; RIOC Stops Trellis Music
10.10.9819:03 RIRA Seeks Common Council Candidates
10.24.9819:04 Town Meeting on Self-Governance Plan
11.01.9819:05 Grannis Sees Real Chance for Self-Governance
11.07.9819:06 Self-Governance Gets a 92% Yes in Island Election
11.21.9819:07 S'town Plan; RIOC Snags R'cross Privatization; RIOC Bd Curbing Blue
12.05.9819:08 Beacon Program Under Way
12.19.9819:09 Mendez to Back Self-Governance

01.23.9919:10 Questions About Public Safety; Berdy's Therapy Cat
02.13.9919:11 Eldercare to Sportspark Site; Fresh Backing on Self-Governance
02.27.9919:12 Meeting on Plan to Convert MiniSchools to Luxury Condos
03.02.9919:13 EXTRA:  Residents Bolt Meeting on MiniCondos Proposal
03.13.9919:14 MiniCondos Forum Planned; Rivercross Group Fights A Hike
03.27.9919:15 MiniCondos Plan Fine-Tuned; Resident as Midwife in Subway
04.10.9919:16 RIRA Gearing for Southpoint Fight; the GDP as Island's Soul
04.24.9919:17 RIOC Cancels Board Meeting; Residents Plan Town Meeting; Seiden
05.08.9919:18 RIRA Raises $10,000 for New Legal Fund
05.15.9919:19 EXTRA:  Octagon Proposal for Six-Story Wings
05.22.9919:20 Mayor's Town Hall Meeting; RIRA Asks Surcharge Parity at R'cross
06.12.9919:21 Blue Out, Robert Ryan is Replacement; Bauer's MTG
07.04.9919:22 Self-Governance on Hold; Rights Unit Under Blue; Gianni Picco
07.31.9919:23 Whence Self-Governance?; Rivercross Surcharge Doubled
08.28.9919:24 Help for Blaze Victims; Bigelow Closing
09.11.9920:01 Octagon Fire; Southtown Push Is On
09.25.9920:02 Southtown Developers Get Final Designation
10.09.9920:03 Grannis & Mendez Agree to Work on Self-Governance
10.23.9920:04 RIOC's Ryan in Open Forum
11.06.9920:05 Rev Chapin Dead; Ryan at RIRA Council Session
11.20.9920:06 Southtown to Include Transient Populations
12.04.9920:07 Southpoint Developer Gets Negative Vibes
12.18.9920:08 Top Trio Defends Southtown Decision Process

01.08.0020:09 Suits to Change Southtown are Likely
01.22.0020:10 Southtown Snag: Parkland Under Blackwell Field?
02.05.0020:11 RIOC Diverts Octagon Money to Southtown
02.19.0020:12 Grannis, Mendez Fine-Tune Self-Governance Plan
03.04.0020:13 RIOC Hires Outside Counsel in Southtown Actions
03.18.0020:14 Rebuffed by RIOC, RIRA May Join Southtown Actions
04.01.0020:15 RIRA Joins Suits, Seeking Favorable GDP Ruling
04.15.0020:16 Three Added to RIOC Board, Including Resident
04.29.0020:17 Battle of Blackwell Park; Chira Opposing RIRA Intervention
05.13.0020:18 Southtown to Court; RIOC VP Goodwine Arrested
05.27.0020:19 Kayser in Island Dialog; Rivercross Board Re-Elected
06.10.0020:20 MiniCondos Approved; Maloney vs Rivercross Privatization
07.01.0020:21 Manhattan Park Rents Going Up; WIRE Brings Abrams Band
07.05.0020:22 EXTRA:  Judge Rules Against Residents in Southtown Suit
07.29.0020:23 Chase Bank Quitting Island; Stewart in Minicondo Abstention
08.26.0020:24 Gaspard Running for RIRA VP; Ryan Says No MetroCard for Tram
09.09.0021:01 Katz Seeks RIRA Pres'y; RIOC Plans Closed Meetings; Dolores Green
09.23.0021:02 RIRA: Self-Governance Referendum?; Issue of Personality
10.07.0021:03 Stewart Seeking Re-Election; No Decision on Referendum
10.21.0021:04 RIRA Election; Elected RIOC on Ballot; RIOC MiniCondo Glitch
11.04.0021:05 Stark Differences Between RIRA Presidential Candidates
11.18.0021:06 Katz & Gaspard Win in RIRA Election; Referendum Gets 80%
12.01.0021:07 Course of Development; Cabrini Funding Shortage; Pipe Organ
12.16.0021:08 RIOC Board Limiting Interaction with Residents; F Train Coming

01.13.0121:09 Octagon Plan Revived; Southtown Construction Starts
01.27.0121:10 Fighting Rent Hikes; Subway Hearing; Octagon Matters
02.10.0121:11 RIRA Backing Eastwood on Public Safety; Motorate Hike
02.24.0121:12 MiniCondos Out, Octagon Up; Town Hall; Southtown Starts
03.10.0121:13 Miller: MetroCard on Tram; Power Outage; Big Allis Expanding
03.24.0121:14 RIOC in 27% PS Hike; Grannis After RIOC on Capital Needs; Isley
04.07.0121:15 New Self-Governance Bill; Southtown Model; Wv/IH Rent Decision
04.21.0121:16 NY Nat'l Bank Coming; Plans to "Freeze" Lift Bridge
05.05.0121:17 RIOC Cuts Spider-Man Filming; Southtown Appeals
05.19.0121:18 ArtFrenzy Weekend; Safety First (editorial)
06.02.0121:19 Southtown Injunction; Trellis Odor Suit; Abe Shulman, Eldest
06.30.0121:20 Youth Prgm Plans; Tram Ads; Albany & Self-Governance
07.28.0121:21 EXTRA:  Tramway Cutback Proposed, Town Meeting Scheduled
08.04.0121:22 Fighting Tram Cut; New Tram Manager; Eastwood Rent Hike
08.25.0121:23 No Seawall Danger; Residents: Hands Off Tram; Grannis vs RIOC
09.08.0122:01 Census Reveals Our Diversity; Rivercross Surcharge OK'd
09.13.0122:02 EXTRA:  Twin Towers Attack
09.22.0122:03 WTC Coverage: Firefighters, Community, Vigil
10.06.0122:04 Octagon Project Expanded; RIRA Fund-Raising for WTC Families
10.20.0122:05 Town Mtng - New Octagon Plan; No Action on Tram; Ali of Trellis
11.03.0122:06 Residents Against Octagon Parking Plan; PSD Overtime
11.17.0122:07 RIOC Goes for Tram Ads; Energy Firm Wants Island Space
12.01.0122:08 Farmer's Market to Move; Howes of MST; Big Band NYEve
12.15.0122:09 Farmer's Market Move on Back Burner
12.21.0122:10 EXTRA:  Southtown Ruling a RIOC Win

01.12.0222:11 Tram Out Indefinitely; Southtown Appeal; Award in Tram Suit
01.26.0222:12 Southtown Legal Action & Construction; CB8 Wants Investigation
02.09.0222:13 Tram Return Date Questionable; Fresh-Direct; Priest Miqueli
02.23.0222:14 Tram Deadlock Lifts; Child Models
03.09.0222:15 Manhattan Park Shooting; Gallery RIVAA Opens; Tram Fix
03.23.0222:16 Tram Returns; History Group Gets Blackwell; Ex-Boxer Gene Hairston
04.06.0222:17 $4.4M Endowment; Survey of PSD Concerns; Southtown Suit Ends
04.20.0222:18 RIYP-Lilies Space Conflict; Southpoint Hope; S'tn Construction
05.04.0222:19 Boy Falls to Death; 9/11 Dedication; Keyspan
05.18.0222:20 Miller, RIOC Talk on Tram Ads; Merchants Ask Help; Farmer's Market
06.01.0222:21 Icla Foundation's 10th; RITA vs Octagon Parking
06.15.0222:22 Still No Self-Governance; Tram Ads Still in Play; Tad Sudol & RIVAA
06.29.0222:23 Bill Gives Residents Majority on RIOC Board; Ponton Appointed
07.27.0222:24 Card Shop Changes Hands; Fireboat Harvey; Tony Vita
08.24.0222:25 RIRA & Power – Will They Ever Meet?; Srini Srinivasan
09.07.0223:01 9/11 Observed; Chellis Remembers WTC Disaster; Firehouse SOC
09.21.0223:02 Law Makes Residents a RIOC Majority; Regina Sabbatical
10.05.0223:03 City Auditing RIOC; Katz/Gaspard for RIRA; New Library Chief
10.19.0223:04 RIRA Election Debate; Octagon TownMeet; RIOC Board Mgt 101
11.02.0223:05 Election; Debate Transcript; Octagon Plan Panned; Orphans Internat'l
11.09.0223:06 Katz Keeps RIRA Presidency; Election Results; History Trail
11.23.0223:07 RIOC Amends GDP for Octagon; French in PS217 Kindergarten
12.14.0223:08 Octagon Hearing a Verbal Melee; Grannis Says It's Illegal

01.11.0323:09 Electric Buses; 25 Low-Rent Units at Octagon; Living Library
01.25.0323:10 Octagon Vote Scheduled; Verdant Power; RISA Active
02.08.0323:11 Ryan Suspended, Siconolfi in Charge; Public Safety Exam
02.22.0323:12 New MTG Drive; Ryan Charges; Westview Rallies Tenants
03.08.0323:13 Siconolfi Heads RIOC (i'vw); MTG Meeting; Shulman Dead
03.22.0323:14 Tight RIOC Budget; Tram Replacements; RIVAA Proposal
04.12.0323:15 RIOC Holds Key Housing Power; Ryan Leave Extended; Dionne
04.26.0323:16 Southpoint Park Opens; Tram to $2; Grannis Bill to Elect RIOC Board
05.17.0323:17 Pataki Naming Herb Berman RIOC Head; Southpoint; Jolly a Knight
05.31.0323:18 Child School Groundbreaking; Octagon Green Award
06.14.0323:19 Possible RIOC Scandal; Keyspan Expands; Child School
06.28.0323:20 Ryan Fired; Tram Returns
07.26.0323:21 1st in Southtown; Chapel Rehab Starts; Westview Rent Fight
08.23.0323:22 Berman Starts; Blackout; Movies@Southpoint
09.06.0324:01 Berman Appearance at RIRA Common Council
09.20.0324:02 Beck to RIOC Board; Mayor OK's GDP Change for Octagon
10.11.0324:03 RIOC Deficit; Bus Insurance Issue; TCS Open; Contacts list (PDF)
10.25.0324:04 RIOC Budget Analysis; RIOC Open House; Trellis Suit Ends
11.08.0324:05 3rd RIOC Open House; Big Miller Win; Halloween color
11.22.0324:06 MetroCard for Tram Close Says Miller; Photographer/Artist Paul Katz
12.13.0324:07 Siconolfi Leaves RIOC; IH/Wvw Partner Sought; PS217 Bridge

01.10.0424:08 RIRA Asks for Elected RIOC; Westview Rent Hike; RIOC Game
01.24.0424:09 Ryan Overpaid Execs; Tram Accident Victim Recalls 1/24/98
02.07.0424:10 Assembly to Probe RIOC; Developers' Political Contributions
02.21.0424:11 Bus Changes to Get a Chance; Blue Goes to CUNY; Contacts list
03.06.0424:12 Tram Gets MetroCard; Interview - Daly of Sheldrake
03.20.0424:13 Youth Program $2Mil Space Problem; Living Library Plan
04.03.0424:14 RIOC $13.8 Mil Budget; Film Festival; Rose Window
04.17.0424:15 Shinozaki Nominated to RIOC Board; Film Festival
05.01.0424:16 Disaster Plan Meeting; Stewart Recuses; RIRA-RIOC Liaison
05.15.0424:17 Proposed RIRA Constitution; PSD Effort Goes On
05.29.0424:18 Sheldrake to Replace RIHMC at Westview, Island House
06.12.0424:19 Town Meeting Bashes RIRA Leaders on Constitution; Privatization
07.03.0424:20 $30mil Southpoint Park Plan; Privatization Concerns Residents
07.31.0424:21 Credit Union Leaves; PSD Hit at Rent Hearing; Dysfunctional Albany
08.28.0424:22 Parking Situation; Bridge-Stuck Problems; Privatization
09.11.0425:01 TPL S'point Plans; Katz Not Running; Limmer Bequest; Octagon "Go?"
09.25.0425:02 Eastwood Privatizing; Southtown Condos; Tidal Energy Troubles
10.16.0425:03 RIRA Referenda; St Condo Sales; Firmer Octagon "Go" from RIOC
10.30.0425:04 RIRA: Marcus/Whalen; RIOC Sought Law Change for Octagon Apts
11.06.0425:05 RIRA Referendum Results; Riverwalk Prices Up
11.20.0425:06 Octagon Land Clearance; Can Dems Reform Albany?; Louis Mauffrier
12.04.0425:07 RIRA Sues on Octagon; Sheldrake Meets Residents; Southpoint Final
12.18.0425:08 Resident Majority on RIOC Board; Southpoint Needs State Money

01.08.0525:09 Octagon Suit Filed; Tsunami Relief; PSD; Dom Sciallo's Medals
01.22.0525:10 Push for FDR Memorial; Orphans/Sumatra RI House
02.05.0525:11 Labate Asks Red Bus Fare Hike; Eastwood Organizes
02.19.0525:12 Mitchell-Lama Tax Exemptions Extended; Miller Running for Mayor
03.05.0525:13 Attorney-General Joins Octagon Suit; Orphans Fundriaser Planned
03.19.0525:14 Octagon Project to Court; TPL Urges Commitment on Southpoint Park
04.02.0525:15 Octagon Before Judge; Eastwood Raises $2300, Orphans $10,000+
04.16.0525:16 Nancy & Worth Howe Leaving Main Street Theatre After 20 Years
04.30.0525:17 RIOC Victory on Octagon; RI House Breaks Ground in Sumatra
05.14.0525:18 No Tax Relief After All; Octagon Decision Downside; Chamber Plans
06.04.0525:19 Seiden Leaving Day Nursery; Tidal Power Delays
06.18.0525:20 Wv, IH Cope with Privatization Matters; New Chapel Policy; RI Day
07.02.0525:21 Youth Space Delayed Again; C of C Gets NYS Help; Octagon Topped
07.30.0525:22 RIOC Board on Role in Privatiations; Eastwood Plan; Dark Water
08.27.0525:23 Brodsky Report Slaps RIOC; Eastwood Tenants Vote Yes
09.10.0526:01 Southpoint Gets $4M Pledges; Thompson Agrees on Privatizations
09.24.0526:02 RIOC Board on Budget vs Affordable Housing; Labate Leaves Board
10.08.0526:03 RIOC Offers Development Package; Boatright to Chair RIOC Board
10.22.0526:04 Brodsky Hearing; RIOC Confirms Southpoint Site Offer
11.05.0526:05 Housing Going Upscale; Privatization Power Dance
11.19.0526:06 Transit to Get Worse; Lappin Wins at 89% of Vote
12.03.0526:07 Sheldrake Sole Owner; Ponton Says Development Lacks Vision
12.17.0526:08 Two Arrested for Drugs, Guns; Orphans International

01.14.0626:09 DeFino Leaves RIYP; Westview and Credit Union Deals in Trouble
01.28.0626:10 Island House Ownership Deal; Funds for Southpoint Park
02.11.0626:11 RIRA Blasts RIOC on Development; Al Lewis Dead; 2nd Av Subway
03.04.0626:12 RIOC Meeting on RFIPs; Merchants Uneasy; Editor Publishes Novel
03.18.0626:13 Spitzer Pledges Fixes at RIOC; Lappin on Merchant Leases
04.08.0626:14 Bureaucracy Stalls Ownership; Ewd Ground Lease; Donut War
04.22.0626:15 Tram Breakdown; Traffic Changes; Calogero Asks Extension for IHTA
05.06.0626:16 Tram Hearing transcript); Ferry Service Possibilities
05.20.0626:17 Tram's Return - August; Plans for Tram; Turf War in Tram Rescue
06.03.0626:18 Southtown Brings Trust for Future; Lappin Seeks Ferry Dock Funding
06.17.0626:19 Success of Southtown; New Self-Governance Effort; RI Day in color
07.01.0626:20 Self-Governance Fails; Island Kids Fights to Survive; Appeal to Spitzer
07.29.0626:21 NYC OEM Asks: Prepared?; Park Plan Inches Forward
08.26.0626:22 Spitzer Campaigns Here; Tram Back?; Bernard Dove profile
09.09.0627:01 OK, Now the Tram is Finally Back, After 4 Months
09.23.0627:02 RIRA Plans Referendum on RIOC; Baby Crisis Brings Neighbor's Help
10.07.0627:03 Westview Deal; Katz Running; Referendum Questions; Arts Fest
10.21.0627:04 40% Streetlights Out; Chipman for RIRA VP; RIOC on Affordability
11.04.0627:05 Election '06; Streetlights Dispute; Architecture Forum; Halloween
11.18.0627:06 95.5% Want Elected RIOC Board; Red Bus Problems; New Principal
12.02.0627:07 Consultant Renewed for IH & Wv; Red Bus Fixes; Chlorine Deliveries
12.16.0627:08 Miller to RIOC Board; RITE Turbines in Water; Year in Review

01.13.0727:09 Beck Retrospective: Poor Leadership at RIOC; transcript interview
01.27.0727:10 Grannis to Environment Post; New DHCR Chief; Blackwell Renovation
02.10.0727:11 Southpoint Meeting; Assembly Candidate Selection; Housing Meeting
02.24.0727:12 Fish Store Evicted; Eastwood Progress
03.10.0727:13 Robin Russell Dead; Marlins Swim Events
03.24.0727:14 Steve Shane to Head RIOC; Orphans International Surges
04.07.0727:15 Grannis Confirmed; RIOC to Confirm Shane; Hellgate
04.21.0727:16 Shane Suggests Indirect RIOC Board Election; RIOC Budget
05.05.0727:17 RIRA Devising RIOC Pre-Election; New Yoth Center Director
05.19.0727:18 Shane Rejects Westview Plan; Maloney Seeks Seawall Funds
06.02.0727:19 DHCR Wants Long-Term Affordability; Special Election
06.16.0727:20 RIRA & RIOC on Red Bus; Storefront Plan; RI Day; OI Contest
06.30.0727:21 Goldwater Housing Plan; Visitor Kiosk; RIOC Board Election Plan
07.28.0727:22 RIOC Pre-Election on Hold; Roosevelt Island Map
08.25.0727:23 Tram Future; IH/Wv Buyer Found; RIOC Plebiscite Is On
09.08.0728:01 RIOC Board Plebiscite; Six Merchant Leases; 9/11 Memoir
09.22.0728:02 Meeting Set on Tram; Fall for Arts Coming; MST&DA
10.06.0728:03 Tram Options; I.G. Blasts Pataki's DHCR; Leandra Ramm
10.20.0728:04 RIOC Board Votes for Dual Tram; Parking Cheats Unpunished
11.03.0728:05 Rivercross Privatization Attempt; FDR Park Endorsed; Parking
11.17.0728:06 ESDC Plans Huge Tax Hikes on Mitchell-Lamas Here; Asher Elbaz
12.01.0728:07 Rivercross Votes 12/12 on Privatization; RIRA 30th Anniversary
12.15.0728:08 DHCR Halts R'cross Vote; Fry Retires; Medical Housing Plan

01.12.0828:09 Renwick Wall Falls; VanAmerongen Interview; More RIOC Candidates
01.26.0828:10 ESDC Hike Rescinded; Election Coming; Workhouse
02.05.0828:10b EXTRA: Island Votes Today on RIOC Board Nominees
02.09.0828:11 Record Turnout on RIOC Voting; Sitting Members Didn't Run
02.23.0828:12 RIOC Nominees Prepare; Guerra Pledges Changes at Public Safety
03.15.0828:13 Kahn Memorial Issues; Photography Here; Spitzer & Nominees
03.29.0828:14 Kahn's FDR Memorial: Deadline & Controversies
04.12.0828:15 Survey on FDR Memorial; Retail Strategy; PSD Quarters
04.26.0828:16 Survey a Draw; Jose Rodriguez; Music Returns; Nominees Wait
05.17.0828:17 RISAR-RIOC Conflict; Water Taxi for '09; RIRA & Public Purpose Fund
05.31.0828:18 Tram Downtime '08 & '09; RIOC Nominees to Vetting; Transit Study
06.14.0828:19 Only 3 Nominees to be Named to RIOC; RIRA Public Purpose Plan
06.28.0828:20 3 Nominees Seated; Subway Escalators; Additional Pediatrician
08.02.0828:21 Racquet Club Plan; SSJ South End Plan; Pioneers Project
08.30.0828:22 Mayor's Board Nominees; Steam Plant; Ike Nahem Profile
09.13.0829:01 Tram Plan Reaffirmed; RIRA Seeks Candidates; PS217 Wrestlers
09.27.0829:02 Tram Upgrade Virtually Certain; Island House Lead Concern
10.11.0829:03 PSD Review Board?; Itsko Leaves Dental Practice; Vass Honors
10.25.0829:04 Delay for Tram OK; Submetering; Transit Session; RIRA Election
11.08.0829:05 Farance & Polivy Win RIRA Jobs; Poma Gets Tram Upgrade Job
11.22.0829:06 Tram Cabins Poll; Leaders Assess; Profile-Ryoko Takaki
12.06.0829:07 RIRA Tests pre-RIOC Sessions; Southpoint Park; Scouts' Trees
12.20.0829:08 Obama Health Session; Food Plan; Pioneers; 1934 Prison Raid

01.17.0929:09 Columbia to Study Transit; Health Care; Margolin Dead; Gangs
02.07.0929:10 Submetering Eastwood; Foreign Kids at PS217; Island Pioneers
02.21.0929:11 Submetering Suspension; Trellis; NYNB Leaving; UNIS; IH Hike 15%
03.07.0929:12 2nd RIOC Election; Gov Orders Kalkin, Polivy Off RIRA; New Nursery
03.21.0929:13 RIOC Candidates Sought; RICLA Helping Non-Profits; Nellie Bly
04.04.0929:14 Public Purpose Fund Delay; Bank Must Stay; Energy Guys Speak
04.18.0929:15 RIOC Candidates; Columbia Study; Pioneers Club Med; Gang JumpIn
05.02.0929:16 Polivy Nomination on Track; Tidal Power Milestone; Shane's 2 Years
05.16.0929:17 RIOC Board; Sports Fields; Rivercross Deal; Tram & Station Designs
05.30.0929:18 Southpoint Pace Up; Smith & Shinozaki Win RIOC Nominations
06.13.0929:19 Mansour Arrest; RI Day Spread; Working Lives; AngelFood Clicks
06.27.0929:20 FDR Park a Go; Tram Delay; OI at 10; Grade 1 Makes Books
07.25.0929:21 PSD Meeting; Mansour Case Dismissed; Original Kids Reunion
08.29.0929:22 City Bungling Water Taxi Dock; Pioneers; Olga Mendez Dead
09.12.0930:01 Transit Lag; Arts Appraisal; RI Movies; Island House Deal; FDR Park
09.26.0930:02 Submetering Victory for Tenants; Ferry Survey; Fall for Arts
10.10.0930:03 Ferry Progress Slow; Subway Station Pigeon Problem; Bank Open
10.24.0930:04 Main Street's Retail Dysfunction; MTA Admits F-Line Troubles
11.07.0930:05 Planning Blackwell Park; RIOC Engineer Tom Turcic; RISAR Banned
11.21.0930:06 Blackwell Plan Pause; DASH Forming; Southpoint Aerial Photo
12.12.0930:07 MTA Refuses Help in Tram Shutdown; Ophans International Schism

01.16.1030:08 FDR Park Nears Construction; Red Bus Route May Change
01.30.1030:09 Next Decade; 3 Confirmed to RIOC Board; Ping Pong
02.13.1030:10 RIOC Budget $20M; Privatization Progress; Haiti
02.27.1030:11 Step Toward Privatization; Tram Goes Down; Wengerd Break
03.13.1030:12 Shane Clarifies on Privatization; Arline Jacoby; Tramless Subway
03.27.1030:13 Noise Dispute Escalates to Arrests; Public Purpose Funds
04.10.1030:14 Dog Poop; Mainstreaming Disabled; Tidal Energy; Accolades
04.24.1030:15 PS217's Gifted & Talented; Robots4Kids; AVAC Reprise
05.08.1030:16 NYS Police Review Board Bill; Main Street Retail; Piaskowski Photos
05.22.1030:17 Tram Red Tape; Knicks Poetry Slam; Saujani Wants Maloney Job
06.05.1030:18 Shane on Tram, Privatization, Main Street Retail; West Point Grad
06.19.1030:19 PS217 Could Lose G&T; Comparison Shopper; Kids Score in Robotics
07.03.1030:20 RIOC Board Fires Steve Shane; Conflict – Empty Stores
07.31.1030:21 Torres New RIOC CEO; Trellis Lease Threat; RIOC Legislation
08.28.1030:22 MTG Election Plan; Muslims Seek Place; Soccer Field
09.11.1031:01 Gov Vetoes 7 Residents on RIOC Board; Retail RFP; FDR Park
09.25.1031:02 Katz Runs; 2012 RIOC Nominations; Submetering Again; Tram Cabins
10.09.1031:03 RIRA Presidency: Farance v. Katz; Visitor Kiosk Debut
10.23.1031:04 Farance & Katz to Debate; Meeting on Goldwater Future
11.06.1031:05 Katz Wins RIRA Presidency; Submetering Alive Again; Two Artists
11.20.1031:06 Tram Restart Due; Retail RFP Thuds; Advanced Parking
12.10.1031:07 Tram Launched; Butterflies Project; Abramson Retires; Paul Staroba

01.15.1131:08 New Energy in RIRA; Bus & Tram to Synch; RIRA Information Control
01.29.1131:09 Research Facility at Goldwater Site?; Island's Library; Art: Blue Wave
02.12.1131:10 RIRA Council Copies with Openness Question; Help for Pets
02.26.1131:11 RIVAA at 10; FDR Sculptor Chosen; Kiosk Award; Kurien Film
03.12.1131:12 Suicide Jump; Public-Purpose Funds; Marlins; Phillips Book
03.26.1131:13 Stanford Plans; Red Bus Problems; Donations for Japan
04.09.1131:14 Bus Czar; Goldwater; Rivercross Lease; FDR Vision; RIRA Clash
04.23.1131:15 Trellis Lease Extension "Deferred"; FDR Sculpture; Cherry Fest
05.07.1131:16 Motorgate Questions; de Souza Honors; Cherry Blossom Festival
05.21.1131:17 Deal on Main Street Retail; Leitner Out; Short-Story Winner
06.04.1131:18 Octagon Fuel Cell; Photog Zoran Milich; 1826 Hangings; Lawlor Out
06.18.1131:19 Cuomo Ignores Election, Puts Non-Resident on RIOC; Kalkin Off
07.02.1131:20 Ferrera Won't Resign; Flying Saleslady; Democracy Timeline
08.27.1131:21 Retail Plan; Saving Postoffice; Lappin's Silicon Isle; Southpoint Park
09.10.1132:01 Hurricane Irene's Lessons on Preparedness; 9/12/01 Reprint
09.24.1132:02 Census Severely Undercounts Island; Why That's Important
10.08.1132:03 Raucous RIRA Meeting; RIOC Elections Set; Farance Censure
10.22.1132:04 Retail Town Meeting; February RIOC Nominations Election
11.05.1132:05 Cornell v Stanford for GW Site; RIOC Election 2/7/11; Roy Eaton
11.19.1132:06 How's Democracy Thing Workin' Out?; Jacoby's Made in America
12.10.1132:07 AVAC Update?; Resnick - Health Care; Islanders in Africa;
00.00.0032:08 (No issue numbered 32:08)

01.14.1232:09 Cornell Gets Campus; 7 Seek RIOC Seats; RIOC "Debt" Issue
01.28.1232:10 Missing a Bet: District Hot-Water Heating; RITE Licensed
02.11.1232:11 Nominated for RIOC: Kalkin, Polivy, Christian; Shull's Book
02.25.1232:12 Cornell Means Island Changes Faster; Child School GED Program
03.10.1232:13 RIRA Seeks Benefits from Cornell; PS217 Rated "Average"
03.24.1232:14 Meeting on Gristedes; Rebecca Dougherty; RIVAA Future
04.07.1232:15 CornellNYC Received Warmly; Dove & Huttenlocher of Cornell
04.21.1232:16 4 New Retail Shops Signed; FDR 4 Freedoms Park
05.05.1232:17 Island House Plan; Cornell EIS; Composer Doug Brandt
05.19.1232:18 Silicon Coalition Falters; Shopworn Island; DASH
06.02.1232:19 Island House's Pacesetting Affordability/Privatization Deal
06.16.1232:20 Public Safety Wants Tasers; Silicon Coalition Struggle
06.30.1232:21 PierNYC Opens; New Pediatrician; LED Lights for Motorgate
07.28.1232:22 Funds for Library Move; Taser Plan Reduced; Rivercross Plan
08.25.1232:23 DEP Site Remains Closed; Patrick Stewart Speaks Out
09.08.1233:01 Big Election Season; Women's Health Org'n; Artist to Moscow
09.22.1233:02 IH Lease; RIRA to Consider PSD; Ghost Tunnel
10.06.1233:03 Torres Out; PSD Inquiry Asked; Polivy Runs for RIRA
10.20.1233:04 FDR Park Dedicated; Cornell to ULURP; Shinozaki Running
11.03.1233:05 Governor's Aide Promises Attention; Storm Sandy; Cornell Barging?
11.17.1233:06 Hardware Store Faces Eviction; Wongs & Sandy Aid; Election Results
12.15.1233:07 CB8 on Cornell; New Priest; Todd Jagerson; Lappin for BoroPres

01.12.1333:08 RIOC Housecleaning; Islanders Beseech Cuomo Aide
01.26.1333:09 Cuomo Wants to Name RIOC Pres; Cornell Planning Hearing
02.09.1333:10 Firestorm on PSD; Cornell at City Planning; Rivercross Revisions
02.23.1333:11 Big Public Safety Rally; PSD Entity Unto Itself; Editorial: Ombud
03.09.1333:12 Public Safety Protest Continues; RIOC Board to Seek President
03.23.1333:13 Cornell Clears City Planning; Cassian & Edwards; Chinatown
04.06.1333:14 Indelicato RIOC President; Garden Club Spat; Wengerds Return
04.20.1333:15 PSD Rally; Cornell at City Council; Garden Club; Playgrounds
05.04.1333:16 Cornell Gets Flak in City Council Hearing; Running on the Island
05.18.1333:17 Cornell Clears Council; Indelicato Starts; Eva Bosbach
06.01.1333:18 RIOC Next Seeking Balance on Cornell; Fishing RI; Library Award?
06.15.1333:19 Jeff Escobar; Prompting Cuomo; Organic Market
06.29.1333:20 PSD Chief McManus; IslHse Plan; Nina Wintringham; Hardware
08.03.1333:21 Cornell Lease; Girls Who Code; Mark Lyon; Hardware Store; PSD
08.31.1333:22 Trellis' New Look; Airam da Silva
09.14.1334:01 Boy Scouts Done; Isl Kids Retools; Primary Election; GW Patients
09.28.1334:02 Playground Panned; McManus at PSC; Deli Hours Controversy
10.12.1334:03 Barbara Clark; IH Pvtn; Childcare; Fall Arts; Playgrnd; Deli Noise
10.26.1334:04 Island Affluence Jumps, Average Age Drops; Sportspark Hiatus
11.09.1334:05 Farance Under Fire; RIExplorers; RICC Reboots; Cornell Construction
11.23.1334:06 Farance Defense; Subway Woes & Progress; Architect Gil Seltzer at 99
12.14.1334:07 Deal on Cornell & Timeline; Rivercross Votes Yes; TV Extras

01.11.1434:08 Ferry Possibility; Cornell Lease, Renderings; Joyce Short
01.25.1434:09 Marijuana; Francoise Richards; Southtown 7; Cornell Barges
02.08.1434:10 Martinez Guilty; Polivy Resigns; Transit Crunch; Steve Marcus
02.22.1434:11 Parents' Net 300 Families; Joyce Keating; Former RIRA Pres Sheehan
03.08.1434:12 Jeff Escobar Takes Over as RIRA President; Helstien is VP
03.22.1434:13 PSD Arrests Down; Kraut Remembers; Dinkins to Visit
04.05.1434:14 FDR Hope Sculpture; Obed; Brand; Johnston; Letters
04.26.1434:15 Island Real Estate Sans Mitchell-Lama; Kids & Art at FDR
05.10.1434:16 RIRA to Get Fee; Former RIRA Pres Stewart; Barniker Play
05.10.1434:16 RIRA to Get RIOC Project Support
05.24.1434:17 RIOC Cash to RIRA Stopped; Day Nursery Director Out; Emily Mure
06.07.1434:18 Dionne Retires; Former RIRA Pres Finnegan; CPR Plan
06.21.1434:19 Dionne Remembers; Manhattan Park 25; Views from FDR Park
08.02.1434:20 Elevators; Trees on Campus; TotLot; Dove Leaving; RIOC comms
08.31.1434:21 RIOC Scandal; Trellis Closing 9/8; RIRA Election Coming
09.13.1435:01 4-term RIRA Pres Katz; Resnick on WIRE history
09.27.1435:02 GS Plaza; PTA Fundraising; Rivercross Sales
10.11.1435:03 Gifted & Talented PS/IS217; Participatory Budgeting
10.25.1435:04 Biker Dead in Bus Accident; RIRA Election; Georgette Sinclair
11.08.1435:05 New RIRA Council; After-School Boost; RIRA CC Meeting
11.22.1435:06 NYPL Meeting; RICC 12/5 Session; Subway Hike; Soccer Wraps
12.13.1435:07 Rename PS/IS217?; Cornell TM; Cyclist; Ceruzzi; New Priest

01.17.1535:08 Teen Author; Female Firefighter; SweetShop Amid Retail Slo-Mo
01.31.1535:09 Cornell Trucking; Mary Fitzgerald; Child School
02.14.1535:10 RIOC Fees to MST; RIOC Capital Budget; Mayor's Ferry Plan
02.28.1535:11 Tram Elevator; Autumn Ashley; Seawright Self-Governance
03.14.1535:12 Cornell Trucking; RIOC Asks Rent Advance from Cabrini
03.28.1535:13 RIOC Wants Org'n Rent; Green Roof; IH Buy-out Offer; RISA Shrinking
04.11.1535:14 Island House; Participatory Budgeting; Gardens
04.25.1535:15 ABO Ruling Hurts Non-Profits; Rats; NYS Toxic for RI?
05.09.1535:16 Westview Red Herring; Green Roof Win!; Youth Soccer Plan
05.23.1535:17 Town Mtng: Public Purpose News; RIOC Board in Reluctant Hire
06.06.1535:18 Hillary RI Launch; RIOC Stumble on Field Permit; Kid Tennis
06.20.1535:19 Hillary's Launch; Public Purpose Grants Saved; Project Main St
08.01.1535:20 ConEd Gas Line Plan; Seats Shortage in Pre-K; Mourning Charlestown
08.29.1535:21 Helix & Bikes; New Priest; $150K for FDR Hope Memorial
09.12.1536:01 Miqueli Under Fire; Tram Elevator; Helix/Bikes Unresolved
09.26.1536:02 RI Climate Role; Affordable Housing Shortage; Anita Michael
10.10.1536:03 Playgrounds; AVAC Often Down; Cornell-PS217; WIRE Future
10.24.1536:04 Gold Star for PS217; Nina Freedman; Trellis-2016; iDig2Learn
11.07.1536:05 Ferry Service in 2017; Prosthetic for Quads; Halloweeen
11.21.1536:06 Priest Took Thrift Shop Funds; Public Purpose Funds; Tech Rises
11.21.1536:06 Priest Took Thrift Shop Funds; Public Purpose Funds; Tech Rises
12.12.1536:07 Priest Faces Lawsuit; PP$ Freed; Towey to Run MST; Amalgamated

01.09.1636:08 Polling Set; Day Nursery at 40
01.23.1636:09 RIOC Renovations Disrupt; Library Plan; RIVAA Rebounding
07.??.1636:20 July issue date to be announced

01.00.17 2017 schedule to be announced

01.00.18 2018 schedule to be announced

01.00.19 2019 schedule to be announced

01.00.20 2020 schedule to be announced

01.00.21 2021 schedule to be announced

01.00.22 2022 schedule to be announced
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